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You have an Ace In The Hole when you call us for emergency plumbing or preventative maintenance services. Medicine Hat homeowners and business owners rely on us to keep their pipes, drains and sewers clear. If emergencies occur, we offer weekend and evening hours with daytime rates so you can get affordable service when you need it.

Sewer & Drain Flushing
Call Ace In The Hole Drain Cleaning for professional assessment and preventative maintenance on slow-running kitchen and bathroom drains and even main sewers before they become an extensive emergency repair.

Tree Root Removal
Slow drains? The problem may be caused by tree roots which burrow through the cracks and joints in your sewer pipes to reach water. These roots also act as a net, trapping debris and further clogging your pipes. As trees grow, their root systems may also press upon and burst sewer pipes. Ace In The Hole Drain Cleaning recommends regular cleaning to prevent tree roots from causing structural damage to your pipes.

Call Ace In The Hole Drain Cleaning today at 403-952-6485 or email us at info@aceintheholedraincleaning.ca or contactjames@aceintheholedraincleaning.ca for prompt and courteous service.


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